As dancers, we have always been on a journey of
finding a personal style in fashion that matches our lifestyle.
There are high-quality streetwear brands and functional clothing brands,
but a local streetwear brand with a combination of both was hard to find in Hong Kong.
In 2014, we decided to take the matter into our own hands,
and GO OFF was born from the underground HIP-HOP dance scene in Hong Kong.

The term “GO OFF” was originated from the early era of the Hip-Hop culture, when music and dance genres had not been labelled or categorized. What it means is it does not matter the style of music or the style of dances - if it’s good, just go off and enjoy. That is how you will feel when wearing our brand.


At the beginning of our journey,
the brand aimed to provide high-quality streetwear that offers fashion and functionality.
Our goal was to offer functional fashion options to dancers.
Now, it has grown to be more than just that.

GO OFF’s mission is to spark fashion and styling inspiration, with HIP-HOP culture as its core.
Be fearless, unapologetic, and confident. BE YOU.
Finding a personal style can be easy, and we are here for you.